Funding Options

Pre-planning & Pre-funding are two distinct actions.

Pre-Funding(Pre-payment)- On top of dealing with the loss of a loved one, the realization that the funds to pay for the funeral still must be found can be devastating to a family.

By pre-paying your funeral, you not only remove the financial burden from your family, but also protect those funds from being lost in the event you require care in a nursing home, or from some other catastrophic expense.

Funding your funeral through Semian Funeral Directors not only lifts the financial burden of the funeral from your loved ones, but also provides you with value added benefits.

Semian Funeral Directors funding plans include Life Insurance and Annuity options as well as Bank Trust Accounts that offer single(one-time) payment or convenient payment plans up to 10 years. In addition, these products don’t require you to receive a 1099 form each year!

Pre-Planning your funeral can further be broken down into two separate functions:

Step 1 ~ Gather Information. 
This step involves simply capturing biographical information about your life, career, and family. In short, all the things you want others to know and remember- things like, what was special to you(sunsets, sunrises, flowers, etc), hobbies, sports, church, social and service organizations you belonged to and enjoyed. 

Step 2 ~ Make Arrangements. 
In this step, you sit down with one of our funeral directors and make choices about your services and products. You will decide whether you will be having a service with burial or a service followed by cremation, what type of casket or urn, what type of burial vault or urn vault. We will explain all of the options, outline the costs, and make helpful suggestions. It’s painless and it only takes from 1 to 2 hours to complete.

How Do You Pre-pay For A Funeral?

One way to pre-pay for a funeral is to use such methods as Life Insurance, Annuity options, or Bank Trust Accounts.

Pre-funding Through Life Insurance

Pre-funding funerals is a growing trend in America because of the peace of mind that comes from having one's affairs in order. Funding those arrangements with insurance coverage or a trust are the two ways we handle pre-funding.

Your Funding Is Secure

Your funding is backed by a national industry leader for many years providing preneed insurance with thousands of policies in force. They consistently earn high marks for financial stability from the top financial ratings companies in the country.

Tax Free Value, Tax Free Benefits

Our plan provides life insurance benefits that are exempt from federal income tax when paid to a named beneficiary. Neither the increasing value of the coverage nor the total benefits paid at the time of death are federal income taxable.

Why Plan Ahead?

Planning in advance of need provides peace of mind. The death of a loved one is a time of great loss and advance planning can reduce stress for your family with the knowledge that your preplan has been completed. This allows your loved ones to devote more time to coping and understanding the loss and less time concerned with funeral arrangements and financial details.

Merchandise and Funeral Cost

Your Funeral Director understands that your personal choices are of the utmost importance. Your Funeral Director will meet with you to show the quality merchandise, assist you with the selection of the necessary merchandise and help you make the proper arrangements. Through pre-planning the cost of a funeral will be controlled. Merchandise selection during your pre-planning helps insure that you do not exceed what you want to pay. Pre-payment also offsets the risk of rising funeral costs in the future due to inflation.