Why Choose Semian?

Recent Family Feedback: 

"Recently we attended the funeral of Lovie Kenjerski. The day was sunny and rather mild but from the previous snows, you had to watch yourself with walking and parking. You and your staff did an excellent job in helping all those who attended with a helping hand and caring heart. You did a great job in organizing the procession and were very helpful at the funeral home, church and cemetery. You were also very congenial to everyone at the dinner after the funeral. Only one word can sum up all you and your staff did that day: PROFESSIONALISM. Thank you for all your kindness and help."
-Mr. & Mrs. John Moniak, Jr., Allentown, PA

"My mom had her funeral prearranged. There was nothing we had to do. Tammy and John were very helpful even after the funeral. I did not have to do one thing, everything was taken care of. I would recommend Semian Funeral Home to everyone."
-Mrs. Gloria Joyce, Taylor  

"I could not thank Semian Funeral Home enough for all they did for myself and my daughter at this difficult time. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was done perfectly. They made a difficult time easier for us. My husband had a beautiful funeral."  
-Mrs. Christine Derenick, Old Forge 

"We would highly recommend Semian Funeral Home to anyone needing their service. We have received many favorable remarks from relatives and friends attending the viewing and funeral Mass for our son." 
-Mr. & Mrs. Frank Belak, Moosic

"Tammy went above and beyond. It was very much appreciated."
 -Mrs. Lorraine Mozdzien, Old Forge

"John & Tammy did a great job for my wife. I would and do recommend them to all my friends and family.” 
-Mr. Paul Ozack, Scranton 

"Excellent service and care."
-Mrs. Connie Baranowski, Old Forge

A committed Professional Staff 

At Semian, we recognize that meaningful funerals do not just happen. They are well thought-out events that demand the focus, commitment and guidance of an expert in ceremony. Our arranging funeral directors are equipped with creative and meaningful ways to involve family and friends in the farewell process. Semian’s allows people to tell how great their loved one was by telling their story. We help you feel like a complete family, even though for the first time in your life you feel like an orphan. 

Meet the Professional Staff 

Semian offers the premier funeral service facilities in the region 

We offer spacious and well-appointed facilities on ground level with the most ample parking for extended family and guests available anywhere in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Click here to view interactive maps that allow you to survey and tour our location. 

Click to take a Virtual Tour of our Taylor Location   

Semian provides the best value for your dollar

Families have actually told us that they expected to pay more for all of the service, comfort and attention they receive. 

An environment of enlightened hospitality 

Recognizing that families and friends gather most often at weddings and funerals, we have dedicated ourselves to create comfortable space for fellowship and renewal of friendships. Refreshments are often served during visitation or a memorial as part of our signature amenity; Homestyle Hospitality. 

After the Funeral - Our Care Continues... 

Tamara Semian administers an in-depth after care program for all families Semians’ serve. She will assist with completion of insurance benefit applications, pensions, etc. She works hard to attain the benefits the surviving spouse or family member deserves. She will even assist newly widowed people with programs for new benefits they may have not previously been applicable. 

A culture of Authenticity

We know that the death of a loved one has different meaning to different people. We’re equally comfortable serving those who believe in “celebrating a life” as we are when serving those who “mourn the death” of a loved one. Expect a member of the Semian family and staff to meet your level of comfort and expectation. There is no standard way of experiencing the death of a loved one. Similarly, expect the care you receive to be customized to best suit your individual circumstances. 

Deliberate attention to detail

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to managing your personal information. A certificate of death is created by our office then delivered to the physician of record for his or her completion. A member of the Semian Family & Staff will then courier the certificate to the appropriate Vital Statistics authorities to obtain certified copies of the death certificate and a State permit for burial or cremation. This priority placed upon this process results in our client families receiving certified copies of death certificates within two to three business days on average. Click below to learn more about death certificates. 

About Death Certificates

Take advantage of our personal concierge service:

Save up to 20% off when making hotel reservations for out of town guests. We also take care of the details related to family meals and catering receptions after the funeral. Ask us to provide transportation from airports, to and from hotels and service locations for your guests as well. Our relationship with local florists guarantees the freshest floral arrangements.